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BJP’s meticulous planning engaging Central Election Commission, advocating for video recording at polling booths, high-rise voting booths, and streamlined media content approval processes. A comprehensive insight into BJP’s strategic moves to ensure a transparent and efficient electoral process.

In a devastating turn of events, Telangana MLA Lasya Nandita’s promising political journey was tragically cut short in a fatal road accident on the Outer Ring Road. The young politician’s untimely demise leaves a void in the legislative landscape, raising questions about road safety and the impact on the political arena

In a fiery move, Congress leader Hanumantha Rao demands the Election Commission to disqualify BRS in Telangana, citing corruption in the Kaleshwaram project. The political saga unfolds as debt controversies and accusations take center stage. #TelanganaPolitics #KaleshwaramScandal”

In a significant stride towards bolstering the legal landscape, India welcomes a cadre of accomplished judges set to lead as Chief Justices in various High Courts. Discover the legal brilliance and experience they bring to the forefront, reshaping the course of justice across the nation.

GRSE and Rolls-Royce join forces in a landmark ‘Make in India’ initiative, solidifying their commitment to self-reliance in defense. The collaboration focuses on indigenous production of advanced MTU Series 4000 engines, poised to elevate India’s maritime capabilities.