The inauguration of the Nimmu-Padam-Darcha road marks a watershed moment in the transportation infrastructure of Ladakh. It symbolizes not just a physical connection but also a bridge towards a future of prosperity, resilience, and security for the region and its inhabitants.

Atal Tunnel opens its gates to travelers, it not only shortens distances but also bridges the gap between aspirations and achievements. It is a testament to what can be achieved when vision, determination, and innovation converge, carving a path towards a brighter and more connected future for all

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh joins soldiers stationed in Leh for a heartfelt Holi celebration, praising their courage and sacrifices in safeguarding the nation’s borders amidst challenging conditions. The event pays tribute to the soldiers’ unwavering dedication and serves as a reminder of their crucial role in ensuring national security

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has caused a stir with its latest announcement of Lok Sabha candidates, including unexpected names like Kangana Ranaut and Arun Govil. Dive into the analysis of this surprising move and its potential implications on the upcoming elections.

The Ministry of Minority Affairs has embarked on a transformative journey to empower Nagaland. With a vision inspired by the Honorable Prime Minister’s call for ‘Viksit Bharat-Samridh Bharat’, the Ministry has allocated significant resources towards two pivotal projects: the establishment of a ‘Multidisciplinary Sports Complex’ and ‘Women Entrepreneurship Facilitation Centres’.

Explore the launch of ETHANOL 100, a revolutionary fuel transforming India’s transportation sector. With its high octane rating and reduced emissions, ETHANOL 100 promises enhanced performance and environmental benefits, driving India towards a greener future.