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The Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) has made another significant apprehension in Hyderabad, capturing town planning officer Jagan Mohan for his involvement in a bribery scandal. Mohan, a habitual offender, was caught accepting a bribe of ₹50,000

The Department of Telecommunications issues a critical advisory, warning citizens about fraudulent calls and emerging threats like WhatsApp impersonation scams. With proactive measures and tools like the Sanchar Saathi portal, citizens are empowered to combat cybercrime and safeguard against financial fraud.

In a chilling turn of events, a money lender’s fury escalates into a brutal assault on a delinquent borrower in Tandoor Town, Vikarabad District. The community reels in shock and anger as the aftermath of predatory lending practices unfolds on the streets, raising urgent calls for justice and reform

Judge Suicides – the tragic event has cast a somber light on the challenges faced by legal professionals. Amidst allegations of a domestic dispute preceding the incident, questions arise about the intersection of personal and professional pressures in the legal sphere.

High-ranking police officials in Hyderabad are under scrutiny as a corruption probe unveils shocking allegations of illegal phone tapping and abuse of power within the law enforcement agency. Stay tuned for updates on this unfolding scandal.

the shocking revelations as the CCB takes decisive action, uncovering illegal betting and financial discrepancies at the Bengaluru Turf Club. The raid exposes a hidden world of financial irregularities, prompting a closer look at the underbelly of the horse racing scene in Bangalore. #Investigation #CCB #BettingScandal #TransparencyInSports

Witness the chilling moments as CCTV footage lays bare the ruthless assassination of notorious gangster Sharad Mohol on the streets of Pune’s Kothrud. This cinematic tragedy unfolds with shocking clarity,